Hi, My name is Dr. Jason Smith. I am a board-certified chiropractic physician in practice since 1998. This website was created to answer questions you might have about me, and to share with you our successful treatment approach. Using this approach, we have helped numerous people suffering from chronic conditions. My approach is  a synthesis of hundreds of hours of post graduate continuing education, thousands of hours of research, and my clinical experience of treating thousands of patients in my clinic. We treat our patients with methods that are functionally based–not disease based– which means we test and examine your neurologic and metabolic function before we recommend a personalized treatment plan. Our treatments include sensory and motor based therapies, balance and gait training, nutritional supplementation, and home-based exercises.

If we ask questions and keep an open mind, we have a much better chance of helping you find the answers to your health problems. Chiropractic, Bountiful, Utah, 84010, Dr. Jason Smith